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On-Site Service


We do not take service calls lightly. We accept your urgency to get the job done quickly and consider it a compliment to be called upon as your service vendor. With 24 / 7 days a week mechanical and electrical repairs you are never alone when your equipment is down.

Century’s service covers mechanical, electrical, and control needs via our licensed experts. They handle installations, corrective, and Preventative maintenance on conveyor systems both large and small. No matter the size of your project, it receives the same expert attention.

Key Services offered by century:

  • Maintenance training
  • Parts Auditing Program
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Service hotline
  • Service contracts
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Controls

Our 3 main ways to Contact our service & support teams:

  1. Send an email to, response time is less than 24 hours from origination time.
  2. Call our direct line during traditional business hours and ask for the “service department” or “parts department” depending on your needs.
    1. # 908-205-0625 Mon-Fri 7 am -4 pm Est
  3. After hours support can be reached by calling our hotline number after working business hours 5 pm – 6 am est.
    1. # 732-324-4545 – Activated nights, weekends, and on major Holidays